Thursday, August 8, 2013

KBShimmer Shipwreck

Hi readers! I'm back again with another awesome indie nail polish to share. :) This polish brand is new to the blog, but it's definitely very popular amongst the indie crowd! Today, I have KBShimmer Shipwreck to share!

Shipwreck is a deep blue jelly polish loaded with multicolored hex glitters and an orange shimmer running throughout. It's beautiful!

I love polishes that are reminiscent of water and this polish definitely says that to me! Are you ready to see more of Shipwreck?

This polish is gorgeous! There is so much depth which I love in a jelly. As you can see, I wasn't able to build it up to opacity, but it's not really noticeable enough for me to care. I did about four coats on each nail and decided not to keep going because I didn't want it to start dragging and becoming a goopy mess! I think it would look beautiful layered over another deep blue polish!

I love the way the orange shimmer catches the light! It's especially amazing up close.

What do you think of Shipwreck? This was one of my first KBShimmer polishes and it has me itching for more! I also really want to take a vacation now to some waterfront destination. Oh summer, why must you end?! Anyway, you can purchase KBShimmer polishes straight from the KBShimmer website or on Etsy! Additionally, KBShimmer can be purchased straight from Amazon - convenient, eh? ;)

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