Monday, June 17, 2013

Model City Polish Orange Sherbert

Hello, dear readers! I'm back to swatch polish for another day, woohoo! My nails have finally grown back to the point where I feel comfortable sharing them again, so it's time to get back down to business. Yay!

It has been a long couple of weeks without blogging, and my indie stash has continued to grow and grow and grow because I am a bad kid with a nail polish addiction. And that's how I have this pretty little polish to share with you today: Model City Polish Orange Sherbert.

Orange Sherbert is a creamy orange crelly with a mix of red, orange, and white hex matte glitters. Yay for matte glitters! It's part of Model City's latest summer releases and it's totally gorgeous! I am not really the world's biggest fan of orange polishes, but when one catches my eye, I REALLY have to have it.

Ready to see this gorgeous polish?!

I'm totally in love with it! Model City polishes never disappoint. They were my first indie brand, so I was super excited to get this polish and a few other Model City goodies when she last restocked. :)

This polish is totally summer-y and Orange Sherbert is the perfect moniker! I totally see a creamsicle on my nails when I wear this polish. I had no problem applying this polish - I did three thin coats on each nail and topped it off with Poshe. I was a little worried that the glitter would be sparse because a lot of it had accumulated on the side of my bottle, but I am happy to report I had no issues whatsoever with getting out all the glitter my nails desired! Didn't even have to do any dabbing. Perfection!

And we have to look at it up close. It's a rule.

You can pick up your own bottle of Model City Polish on Etsy or over at Edgy Polish for you international lacqueristas. You should also step on over to Facebook and like the MCP page and check out the owner, Nina's, blog too - Model City Nails!

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