Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer Stupid Starfish

Hi everyone! Today, I'm featuring a fun new polish from one of my favorite brand's latest collections - it's Lucky 13 Lacquer's Stupid Starfish!

Stupid Starfish is part of Lucky 13 Lacquer's new Nautical Nonsense collection. Yes, the Spongebob kind of nautical nonsense! It features a mix of pink star and square glitter, purple hex and square glitter, annnnd pale green hexes.

I have to admit that at first, I wasn't really drawn to this polish... but then I saw the absolutely amazing swatches of it over at Accio Lacquer and I knew I had to have it! The whole Nautical Nonsense collection is a bit nostalgic for me, because what '90s kid didn't spend countless hours watching this hilarious show? My family and I still bring up old episodes and crack up over them to this day. Super Weenie Hut Junior, anyone?

I layered Stupid Starfish over Zoya Aurora, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite base polishes ever. It adds so much depth to whatever polish it's under! I've used it on here before under Lyn B Design's Shrieking Violet and I was totally amazed by all the depth it added. ANYWAYS.

Since Zoya Aurora is a scattered holo and it's an unwritten law that you must wear holo nail polish on sunny summer days, I had to take some pictures in the sunlight too.

Application took a little work, but it was nothing to be upset over! A lot of glitter came up on the brush with each dip, but so did a lot of the suspension base, so I had quite a bit of polish on my nails. It wasn't difficult to even out though and I didn't have to fish for the star glitter at all, so that's a major plus! I did about two coats on each nail here, with a little extra dabbing and placing.

I just overloaded this post with so many pictures that I almost forgot the close-up. :X

What do you think of Stupid Starfish? I love it! It totally brings out the Patrick in my nails. You can snag Stupid Starfish and the rest of the Nautical Nonsense collection (which is equally amazing and I am feeling pretty upset now that I didn't pick up more for myself) over at the Lucky 13 Lacquer store. Not to mention that she also just released a collection inspired by Harry Potter... seriously, even more of my childhood bottled up and ready to be added to my nails. swoooooooon

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