Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mod Lacquer Subliminal

Hi readers! I have a new addition to my collection of indies to share today - Mod Lacquer Subliminal.

Subliminal is part of Mod Lacquer's Pop Art collection of jelly bases with bright glitters. I'm now regretting that I didn't just buy the entire damn collection, but I have to be reasonable sometimes. :( Boooo! Anyways, Subliminal features a orchid purple jelly base with little lavender hex glitters. I was immediately drawn to it when I was perusing the Mod Lacquer Etsy shop, so I had to have it!

Luckily, I located my camera again. Yay! No more iPhone photos. Unluckily, my pointer finger nail had another accident and had to be chopped off. But Subliminal makes it all better. See?

It's so BEAUTIFUL. I think I will matte it the next time I wear it because I'm pretty sure that could not possibly be a bad decision at all.

This polish is a jelly, and it starts out very sheer, as expected. It took four coats to build it up to opacity and you can still see a tiny bit of my nail line if you look reeeeeally closely, but it's so unnoticeable that it doesn't bother me one bit. And I can't begin to say how AMAZING the formula is. I love building up jellies to opacity but I always run into the problem of the polish dragging and getting all gloopy because there's so much on the nail. NOPE, not with this one. It applied perfectly each time, and I did four coats. FOUR.

I love this polish, okay? The base color is a perfect shade of purple and the tiny little lavender-y pink hexes... I die.

What do you think of this polish? I think it's pretty safe to say that I love it so, so much and I am seriously debating whether or not I'm going to pick up the rest of the Pop Art collection. You can purchase your own Mod Lacquer polishes from their Etsy shop, and if you act fast, you can get 15 percent off of your of 15 dollars or more using the code 15SALE at checkout! You have until July 15th, so go go go! Get some of these Pop Art pretties for yourself!

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