Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lyn B Designs Sassy Snow Pants

Hi readers! It's after midnight here so that means it's a new day and I can post another polish, right? I've been needing to sport some of my older untried indies, so today we are doing just that! This polish is Lyn B Designs Sassy Snow Pants.

Sassy Snow Pants features a mix of matte white hexes and shreds, pink squares, and tiny pink and iridescent microglitters suspended in a sheer pale pink base. This polish was part of a limited edition winter collection, so it's no longer available for purchase. Of course we are reviewing winter polishes during "indie"-an SUMMER.

Ready to see it in it's full glory?

Sassy Snow Pants is a pretty little polish, isn't it? I layered it here over OPI Pedal Faster Suzi! because I felt there was no way I could build this polish up to opacity. I originally planned to, but I swiped it over one bare nail and even though it has a pale pink base, it was just too sheer to be built up. I'm wearing it instead as a glitter topper, which is fine with me! I find it to be more versatile that way.

I did two coats of Sassy Snow Pants over my base color and the application was fairly easy. The pink squares were a little sparse in my bottle, but I do have a mini so that may be why. Otherwise, two coats and a little dabbing did the trick! I really like the way the white offsets the base color. I keep thinking that this polish would look great over a cobalt blue like Essie Butler Please! I'm totally tempted to do it.

What do you think of Sassy Snow Pants? Sadly, it was a limited edition polish from a few months back, so you won't be able to purchase it from Lyn B herself (I know, I'm cruel) but check around blog sales because you never know! :) Besides, there are plenty of other beautiful polishes to feast your eyes on at the Lyn B Designs' Etsy shop. I'm trying to hold onto the willpower to not pick up a few others myself... low-buys are such misery!

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