Sunday, July 14, 2013

Color Club Eternal Beauty

Hi readers! So I know that here on Late Night Lacquer we're in the midst of an "indie"-an summer, but I've recently acquired some name brand mainstream polishes that are just WAY to pretty to not share. Maybe we will have a weekend edition so they don't feel so alone in this sea of indie love! Prize to whoever comes up with a good pun name for this special? ;)

If you follow LNL on Instagram (and if you don't, YOU SHOULD! @latenightlacquer), you may have already seen a sneak peek of today's polish: Color Club Eternal Beauty.

Eternal Beauty is a deep purple linear holographic polish. It's part of the second installment of Color Club's Halo Hues collection of linear holos. They are all amazingly gorgeous but Eternal Beauty is definitely the showstopper from the collection!

Thank goodness I discovered the meaning of jump breaks because this post is about to have more pictures than I know what to do with. I tried to slim it down but this polish is unstoppable and makes me slow down your computer very, very much. I apologize in advance but at the same time, I totally don't... it was worth it.

Let's get started with some pictures taken in natural light. Who would stare at the amazing rainbow on their nails all day long but wouldn't remember to take pictures of it until the sun is setting? That would be meee. Luckily, Eternal Beauty doesn't require much light to set off that rainbow goodness.

Don't fret, though. You can't go wrong using a camera flash on a holo. Eat your heart out, readers!

Eternal Beauty totally lives up to it's moniker. This is one of the best holos I've ever seen! I have always felt weird about holos because I always have bought silver ones and I feel weird wearing silver nail polish for some reason, but I am totally ALL OVER these colorful holos that are storming the nail polish scene now!

Eternal Beauty was a breeze to apply. I did three coats on each nail for good measure but I could've gotten away with two generous coats easily. I wish I could've gotten a better close up photo, but booooo sunset! No worries, there's no taming this rainbow. I LOVE IT.

What do you think of the Color Club holos and especially Eternal Beauty? I love it and I am so glad to finally have it!

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