Friday, July 12, 2013

Nerd Lacquer Entirely Unlike Tea

Hello readers! :) Before I get into today's post, I have just a bit of housekeeping to share with you all. I spent some time sprucing up the blog a little bit last night to make it easier on the eyes, so we have a new banner and WAY less pictures crowding each page! I also figured out how to add more widgets, so if you look to your right, you might notice the new bloglovin' widget, the Facebook widget, AND the Instagram widget - oh yes, we're getting very high tech up in here.

ANYWAYS, I would LOVE for my readers to please follow Late Night Lacquer on bloglovin' since Google reader is going away at some point. In addition, like us on Facebook too and follow us on Instagram, @latenightlacquer! I'm trying to do better with social media for promoting this blog so please like and follow - the more, the merrier! I want to keep up with the awesome readers who peruse this blog. :)

Now that that's over with, I have Nerd Lacquer Entirely Unlike Tea to share with you all today!

Entirely Unlike Tea is a taupe-y nude polish with a hint of pink shimmer and lots of tiny silver, white, and tan hex and microglitter. I have an extreme love for nude polishes and when they're indies, that makes it a thousand times better!

I can't explain this insatiable adoration I have for nude polishes. I don't actually need to wear them. I've never had a job that restricted my polish choices nor do I have to tone it down for any of my commitments at school, but I choose to because I JUST LOVE NUDE POLISHES. And nude polishes with glitter are even better. Okay, pictures! Leggo!

I looove it. I love the way it compliments my skin tone and that shimmer and UGH. On a side note, how many milligrams of Biotin can I force feed myself in a day to get my pointer finger nail back in prime condition. ERGHHH.

This polish was a breeze to apply. The formula was great and I had no problems getting the glitter out of the bottle and onto my nails. I've read other bloggers say that they did have difficulty, though, so maybe I just got a lucky bottle. I'm not complaining!

And this polish is just as beautiful in the shade, and you can even see that little hint of pink shimmer. Love!

What do you think of this polish, readers? I'm a huge fan! Totally worth enduring the Nerd Lacquer restock to pick up this beauty - I know I'll be wearing it again! Nerd Lacquer polishes can be purchased from their own website, but they are currently sold out of absolutely everything and it's hard to say when they'll restock again. If you're looking to snag a bottle for yourself, be sure to follow Nerd Lacquer on Google+ for any restock announcements!


  1. I have been waiting all week for my nerd order to arrive, and this bad boy is in there! I hope I will like it as much as you do :)

    1. Eeeep! I hope you do too! I love it far more than I expected to. I also bought Cyance Friction which I wasn't expecting to be that wowed by but I wore it for THREE days.