Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Love NP Something About Merry

It's Christmas in July, folks. Or at least I'm going to pretend it is, because I've been wanting to wear this festive glitter ever since I got it in the middle of spring when Christmas polish is totally inappropriate. But Christmas in July IS completely acceptable, so I have I Love NP Something About Merry to share today.

Something About Merry is a glitter topper polish consisting of shiny green and red hexes and squares, matte white hexes and shreds, and teensy tiny chartreuse microglitter. Take me to the holidays!

Christmas is my favorite holiday in the entire world and I am sort of going through holiday withdrawals right now. There are no more holidays coming up for months. Not fair. I'll live vicariously through this polish.

I decided to layer this polish over Fancy by Rainbow Honey Fancy Black (TWO indies in one day, look at that!), a black polish loaded with silver shimmer and it's a one coater. But I digress. I needed a perfect dark background to make this polish pop, and Fancy Black did its job quite well! I did just one coat of Something About Merry over each nail.

As you might have noticed from the bottle shot, Something About Merry has one major issue and that's curling glitter. All of the red and green glitter is very curled both in the bottle and on my nail. A coat of Poshe did the trick to smooth it out enough so that it's not lifting off the nail, but the curling is still noticeable.

You know the drill.

Curling glitters aside, I love this festive polish and I can't wait to wear it again when the holidays come around! I've been looking for a good holiday worthy glitter for a long time now and Something About Merry fits the bill. You can purchase your own I Love NP polishes from Etsy or their own storefront, but you better HURRY because a bunch of polishes are being discontinued (including Something About Merry!) and they're on sale for 40% off. I've already taken advantage of this steal once and I'm totally tempted again. Woe is me!

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