Thursday, July 11, 2013

Model City Polish MCP Thanks You!

Good evening, everyone! I have recently acquired a desire to own all the limited edition nail polishes that I can get my hands on, so that may explain why I have a special limited edition polish to share today. It's Model City Polish MCP Thanks You! This polish was released for Model City's first anniversary and only 28 were listed for sale. I happen to be lucky number 21!

MCP Thanks You! is a bright red jelly polish with holographic microglitter, dark silver hexes, and large holographic circle glitter. The base and microglitter remind me of a strawberry which is pretty much my favorite thing ever, and I just love large circle glitter in all aspects. My fruit and glitter polish obsession is probably pretty obvious by now.

It looks so delicious in the bottle. On to the swatches!

I can't get enough of that red hot base color! This polish applied like a breeze, like MCP polishes always do! I did three coats on each nail and had no dragging in between layers - a huge plus for me with jelly polishes.

The small glitters came out quite easily. I did a little work for the large circle glitter, but nothing to cry about. I didn't bother scraping the sides of the bottle before I started and it still only took just a bit of fishing to get the big glitters out, so that's a-okay with me!

La de daaa. Love that holo glitter!

What do you think of this polish? I am quite happy I picked up a bottle! Not only is it limited edition, but it's beautiful! I actually love that the circle glitters are a little more sparse because I think this would make for a perfect strawberry mani. You too can own your own limited edition MCP Thanks You! polish - there are just five left, so head on over to Model City Polish's Etsy shop and snag yourself a bottle before they're all gone. Happy belated anniversary to MCP! It's the first indie brand I ever owned so it holds a special place in my little polish-lovin' heart!

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