Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mentality 24k Gold

Good evening, readers! I may have a case of the Sunday blues but my nails are feeling rather luxurious since I'm sporting Mentality 24k Gold.

24k Gold is a 24 karat yellow gold leaf topcoat suspended in a clear base. Ever since OPI came out with The Man With The Golden Gun, I have been dying to own my very own bottle of gold flakes! Unfortunately, the price tag tends to be a little ridiculous - but at just $14 dollars with free shipping, Mentality stole my heart.

Haha, one of the flakes seriously looks like a leaf. I love it.

Whenever I pull this polish out, I know I'm gonna be keeping my mani on for a couple of days which is totally not my style! I just love it too much to waste it on my nails if I'm going to take it off the next day, so it' serious business when I put this polish on. I layered it over China Glaze Elephant Walk and I think it's a beautiful yet unique combination. I also really love wearing it over bright cobalt blues like Essie Butler Please.

Application of this topcoat is very easy. The gold flakes are pretty plentiful and I only needed one coat on each nail plus a little dabbing for the larger flakes. I love how simple it is yet it really adds a whole lotta fancy to my nails!

I think I forgot to mention that there would be a lot of pictures. Oh well, you already knew it was coming.

How do you feel about gold topcoats? I personally love them and I LOVE the price of this one from Mentality! I love her polishes, her FREE and fast shipping ALL THE TIME, and her sales - I actually managed to add this much needed baby to my collection for only $10. SCORE. If you're looking to purchase your own Mentality polishes (and you know you are, because she has yellow AND white gold topcoats and matte microglitter galore and enough holo polishes to fill a rainbow swimming pool) then you'll need to stop by their store on BigCartel. You won't regret adding any of these polishes to your collection!


  1. Love the combo! I was looking at this one but she doesn't ship to Canada so I went with Gilt-y Pleasure from Wingdust instead which I LOOOOVE!

  2. Hey, Hillary from Mentality here. We DO ship internationally!! Check out our shipping section for all the details :)

    Great blog post, I'm so glad you love your Mentality's <3 Use this baby until she's empty, cause you know we'll always have more :)