Friday, May 17, 2013

Lyn B Designs Shrieking Violet

Hello readers! I have an indie to share today that totally exceeded my expectations in awesomeness. This is Lyn B Designs Shrieking Violet.

This is obviously a minor issue, but I have to admit that I am a little sad about the labeling of these mini polishes. It's a handwritten label of the polish name with no mention of the brand anywhere. I'm just a sucker for nicely labelled polishes, I guess. It's clearly not the end of the world but I wish it was a little more... I don't know, polished, I suppose? I know the full-sized bottles have nice labels, so it would be awesome to see the same with the minis!

ANYWAYS, end rant! Onto the polish itself, which I love! Shrieking Violet is a purple jelly polish loaded with purple and iridescent glitters in both hex and square shapes!

I am usually all for doing whatever it takes to build polishes up to opacity, especially jellies! But the jelly base of Shrieking Violet looked eerily similar to Zoya Aurora, so I decided to do a little layering. Needless to say, my mind was blown. Brace yourself.

What? What? What? I'm sorry, what? Look at that DEPTH! Zoya Aurora could not have been a more perfect base for this polish.

I did two coats of Zoya Aurora and one full coat of Shrieking Violet plus a little extra dabbing to spread the glitters around. I had no issues applying it, but I also layered it, so I'm not sure how much work it would take to fully jelly it up and build it to opacity. Shhhhh, just look at more pictures.

And in the sun, too! Look at the rainbow on my fingers! FEAST YOUR EYES! Blurred picture for extreme awesomeness.


Up close and personal - oh, the squiishhhh!

Lyn B Designs are available from her Etsy shop - she has lots of options and regular sales so rest assured, you can get some pretty indies for a good price!

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