Friday, May 24, 2013

Pahlish Anticipating and Pacing

Hello readers! HAPPY FRIDAY! I know I'm excited for today - I have the weekend off and I'm going to visit my mama!

I also have a beautiful polish adorning my fingers, so that adds to my excitement! Today, I'm sharing Pahlish Anticipating and Pacing.

Anticipating and Pacing is a pinkish-red based polish full of blue hex glitter and a red shimmer. I have seen some swatches by other bloggers where this polish looks MUCH more red-based, but mine is very pinky. Not sure why there is a difference, but I love it anyways! It's part of Pahlish's Coney Island Queen collection, which is freaking GORGEOUS! Anticipating and Pacing reminds me of a delicious fruit smoothie up close - and we all know how much I like polishes that remind me of fruit on my little nails.

Let's get to the pictures!

This polish was such a breeze to apply! I applied two coats, but it was nearly opaque with just one.

Isn't it beautiful? The entire Coney Island Queen collection is like this - and I LOVE it! I also have the collection's namesake polish and I cannot wait to swatch it and share it with you all! In time, in time... patience! Also, you'll have to excuse my cuticles today. They're always a mess because of my job, but I've just started using a cuticle remover gel and while it is working, we aren't quite there yet! Beautiful nail beds will be mine soon!

But back to the polish. Look how BEAUTIFUL it is up close!

I'm so happy with this polish! Totally would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Pahlish polishes (I love saying that, muahaha) can be purchased from Etsy as well as on Llarowe. Now go get this polish! :)

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    I mean, LOOK at all that baby glitter!!!!!