Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sonnetarium Strawberry Smoothie

Hello! I am slightly obsessed with fruit-themed nail polish, so what the hell was expected of me when Sonnetarium released the fruitiest collection of polishes ever for their Spring 2013 line? I was picking up Cucumber Salad from the same collection for a good friend of mine's birthday when I caved and had to grab a mini of Sonnetarium Strawberry Smoothie.

Strawberry Smoothie is a light pink polish jampacked with teensy tiny red and white square and hex glitter and even tinier black microglitter. There's even a little iridescent shimmer in there to boot!

And it looks awesome on the nail!

I have a deep affection for pink polishes, and adding microglitter to the mix does not help soothe my addiction by any means. This polish is gorgeous! It's subtle enough that the nude-y pink base could easily slide in a professional environment, but that touch of microglitter makes it POP in the best way. I really feel like I dipped my fingers in a strawberry smoothie when I look down at my nails!

And lookit that, Ohio got a little sunshine today!

I had a bit of a struggle getting this polish to opacity. The base is very sheer and I did four coats on each nail. Luckily, it never dragged or became goopy on my nail as I kept adding more layers, so that's a plus for me! I tend not to have an issue with doing many layers to reach opacity, so the four that this required was really no big deal to me. Plus I think my nail line is pretty visible, so another person might be able to get to opacity with just three coats.

This polish just looks too damn delicious. It's difficult to resist the entire line from Sonnetarium! Look at those tiny glitters, all up close and personal... swoon.

What do you think of Strawberry Smoothie? Do you have any of the other polishes from the Spring 2013 Fresh collection?

Sonnetarium polishes are available for purchase straight from their website!


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    1. FRUIT POLISH! Time for you to have Cucumber Salad on your blog pwease. :D