Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hello, little corner of the nail polish blog world! I have disappeared for quite some time... school and work all caught up with me too quickly, so I have clearly not been so active.

But school has ended! Summer is upon us! Somehow, I've become a senior in college... sooo that's a little scary. BUT ALAS! I am back for now, at least until my final year of undergraduateness commences.

I've cleared out all the clutter of my past blog posts to make room for the new Late Night Lacquer. And if I'm only going to be around for the summer, I'm going to do it right... "INDIE"-AN SUMMER!

Okay, I know that an INDIAN summer wouldn't happen until it is nearly fall... but come on now. WE NEEDED A GOOD PLAY ON WORDS HERE. INDIE-AN. That's right. All indies, all the time, folks!

I'll have another post for my first featured polish so you aren't forced into reading a wall of text. HERE GOES!

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