Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jade Holographic Vermelho Surreal

Readers, I have a confession to make. Today's polish is not an indie. I know, I know - "indie"-an summer! All indies all the time! Yeah yeah yeah... BUT, I have had a rough few days and I feel very on the verge of quitting my job, so sometimes you have to put the glitter aside and bring out some rainbows. And rainbows are exactly what we are getting into today! This is Jade Holographic Vermelho Surreal, a brand from Brazil. And although it isn't an indie, I did buy it from Llarowe... so that must count for something, right?

Vermelho Surreal is a true red linear holo. Also known as my dreams come true in bottle form. I'm pretty sure my most frequently used saying when I get a new polish is, "I have wanted this polish FOREVER AND EVER." That statement is for realsies with this polish.

I'm not the world's biggest holo fan, but I wanted a RED linear holo for so long. And finally I found it with this one! And it was sooo worth the wait. When this polish is under indirect light, it looks pretty meh...

But the you take it out in the sun. Now feast your eyes.

The holo is AMAZING! It is so brilliant and in your face, just how I wanted them to be. They look pretty average until they hit the sun... then BAM! This is my most holo-iest holo, by far. I feel like the sunlight in these pictures is washing out the true amazing brilliance of this polish - this picture I took by a window shows the true red color and the vibrant holo too. It's my best representation!

It is so beautiful. I did three coats of Vermelho Surreal on each nail, but you could easily get away with doing just two. Application was perfectly smooth and awesome, and this holo is even topcoat-able! Score!

Jade Holographic polishes are most likely not 3-free. I don't know too much about them since they are an international brand, so if you are weary of using products that aren't 3-free, these polishes may not be for you.

Blurred to show extra holo AWESOME.


Jade Holographic polishes can be purchased at both Llarowe and Ninja Polish. I would totally suggest that everyone gets over there and picks up any one of these pretties for themselves! Seriously, you can have rainbows on your fingers in every single color of the rainbow. What more could you want?!

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