Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Neener Neener Nails Electric Rainbow

Hi readers! :) Yesterday, I featured a polish with a rather subtle rainbow... today, we are going all out. Meet Neener Neener Nails Electric Rainbow.

Electric Rainbow is a matte glitter topper of extreme neon rainbow goodness. It features mostly various hex glitters and a little bit of bar glitter. All neon and matte. droooool

If you have a rather sensitive olfactory system, these polishes may be a rough go for you. They have a pretty strong scent - think similar to Kleancolor, but a little less severe. However, they are advertised as 3-free, so I'm not sure what's up. All of my Neener Neener polishes are this way.

Also, the suspension base appears to be a little yellow and not clear. I'm thinking that some of the yellow glitters have bled - I've heard before that neon glitters often do just that. It wasn't a huge deal but I could see a slight change to my base color, despite how dark it is. I could foresee a greater problem if you chose to use a lighter color for your base. You can see the difference in color on my nails here - I had to do a little touch-up on my tips with my base color, so you can see the difference in color between what was and wasn't touched by the suspension base of Electric Rainbow.

Not super noticeable or the end of the world by any means, but as I said, it could be problematic on a lighter base.

This polish took a little bit of work apply. Despite the usual strategies for getting settled polish to redistribute, I had very little luck. I did quite a bit of fishing for awhile. This is two coats and then a little extra dabbing to fill in for the lack of glitter.

Despite the slight struggle, I quite like this polish on my little nails! It is pictured here over China Glaze Man Hunt - although not an indie, but one of my most favorite blue cremes ever. I prefer the look much more to having used a black base! All the glitter shows up so nicely. It's like a little party on my nails! I have to apologize for the shiny as hell pictures, though. It's driving me CRAZY, but for some reason, Man Hunt always photographs with a ridiculous glare. It's nice when they're super shiny like this in person but rather annoying when I'm trying to take pictures of it!

Care to come a little closer?

Neener Neener Nails are available for purchase on Etsy! The seller has regular sales so you can get great deals on some gorgeous polishes!  She also has wonderfully fast shipping! As of today, all full-sized bottles of polish are on sale for $5.50, so you can snag Electric Rainbow right now and call it a day!

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