Sunday, May 26, 2013

Emerald & Ash Cuddle-butt

So, anyone who knows me knows that I love my dogs.

But for real, my pups are my babies. I have two - a sweet Pomeranian boy named Moose and a fiesty Shiba Inu girl named Layla. They are like my kids and I love them to bits!

So when I found out that Emerald & Ash was releasing two polishes in honor of her own puppies, I knew I HAD to snatch them up! I mean, come on - inspiration from doggies? They're polishes after my own heart! I love them both but I decided on this one, because crellies are one my weaknesses - meet Emerald & Ash Cuddle-butt!

Cuddle-butt is a white crelly polish with a blue shimmer and various sizes of brown and aqua glitters in hex, square, and diamond shapes. DIAMOND glitter - my first!

For starters, how awesome is the name of this polish alone? It cracks me up! It totally reminds me of all the ridiculous nicknames I've come up with for my own doggies. Now let's get to more pictures!

Isn't it beautiful? I can totally see the inspiration and I love it!

I had no problems applying this polish - there's a whole lotta glitter in that bottle, and I had no trouble getting it out. It's pictured here with two coats and a little extra glitter dabbing. I love crellies that don't give me trouble when I'm applying them and this one is definitely on my good side for application!

This polish is just plain adorable and I love it. PUPPY INSPIRED POLISH! More indie makers need to do such collections. I want to roll around in a bath of polish made specifically to emanate puppies and kitties and all other pets!

Up close, this polish is just as awesome. I am totally digging the diamond-shaped glitter, too!

Emerald & Ash polishes can be purchased from their website as well as on Etsy! Not only does she have this awesome collection, but she also has a very patriotic Armed Forces collection as well as so many polishes dedicated to pictures taken of space that are way cool! You would be foolish not to check her out. :)

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